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Clarotech’s Monitoring Service is well-suited to any company that relies on the high uptime and smooth running of its IT systems.  Customisable packages monitor your servers, network devices and applications.

Clarotech's Monitoring Service provides a mechanism for maintaining high-availability on the IT systems being monitored. By monitoring the performance, capacity, security and reliability of critical hardware and software server components and applications, potential problems are addressed before they translate into downtime or reduced productivity.

Monitoring Features

  • SMS Alerts report on critical infrastructure events.
  • Active monitoring during business hours ensures servers, PCs and other network devices function optimally, with improved reliability and better security.
  • 24x7 performance monitoring ensures critical servers and network devices are functioning normally at all times.
  • Customisable monitoring allows you to select which monitoring package best suits your business and add advanced services to optimise your investment.

We monitor

  • Servers - Includes server components such as CPUs, disks, memory and network interfaces.
  • Operating systems - MS Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, UNIX
  • Applications - Asterisk, ViciDial, QueueMetrics, Sendmail, Amavis, Clam, VoIP Monitor, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat, Active Directory, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, IIS, WSUS, RDS, NOD32 AV, Informix.
  • Other devices - Routers, switches, UPS, NAS, SAN, virtual hosts, computer room environments.


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