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shift*eight™ is a software-based VoIP telephone system capable of processing and managing high call volumes while maintaining great sound quality. Because it is based on Asterisk® open source software, you can expect all the features of a powerful PBX without all the costs associated with traditional systems.

shift*eight™ telephone systems are suitable for any business as flexibility is a key technical feature. Over one hundred and eighty shift*eight™ telephone systems are installed at 90+ companies country-wide in a variety of roles, managing the integrated communications of call centres, single-branch companies, multi-branch companies and corporates.

No matter the nature or size of your business, a shift*eight™ system will work for you. The versatility and features of a shift*eight™ telephone system makes it a smart business tool, actively contributing to enabling any business to be more efficient and placing it at the cutting edge of communications technology.

Standard features of shift*eight™ telephone systems
Full system support
Interactive voice response (IVR)
Call recording
Web-based operator panel
Unlimited voicemail licenses
Fax to e-mail
Zero-cost interbranch calls *depends on LCR solution
Paging and intercom
Create business specific dial plans
Web-friendly management interface


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Coupled with shift*eight™, ClaroVoice, Clarotech's Voice Termination Service, will save you up to 45% on your business phone bill.

So what is Asterisk?

Asterisk®, created by Digium®, is currently the world’s most popular open source communications software, with over a million installations in 170 countries. 

The beauty of Asterisk is its ability to transform a simple computer into a customised communications system.  Businesses are rapidly taking up the advantage of the low cost, vast functionality and supported features of Asterisk.  With a community of over 90,000 registered users and developers, Asterisk is a living project; created by people on the ground who know what the market wants through their own experiences.

Asterisk is downloaded over 5,000 times a day!  Asterisk is used by most Fortune 1000 companies and rapidly gaining market share in South Africa

The likes of Google, Yahoo, the US Army, eBay and over a million other companies all rely on  Asterisk for telecommunications.  With reputable support available locally, no wonder South African companies are switching to Asterisk at a faster rate than any other telephony solution.


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